Publications and Accepted Manuscripts:

  1. “Tax-Advantaged Trust Use Among IPO Executives: Determinants and Implications for Valuation and Future Performance” with Michael Dambra and Matthew Gustafson. The Accounting Review, forthcoming.

    - Required reading for Professor Ed Maydew's research design course at the University of North Carolina

  2. “Auditor benchmarking of client disclosures” with Michael Drake, Phillip Lamoreaux, and Jacob Thornock. Review of Accounting Studies, 24(2), 393-425.

    - Lead article

  3. “Shifting corporate culture: Executive stock ownership plan adoptions and incentives to meet or just beat analysts' expectations” Review of Accounting Studies, 23(2), 654-685.

    - Featured in Harvard Law School Forum on Corporate Governance and Financial Regulation

  4. “The effect of tax-motivated income shifting on information asymmetry” with Ciao-Wei Chen, Brad Hepfer, and Ryan Wilson. Review of Accounting Studies, 23(3), 958-1004.

    - 2017 Review of Accounting Studies Conference Paper

  5. “Who Uses Financial Statements? A Demographic Analysis of Financial Statement Downloads from EDGAR" with Michael Drake and Jacob Thornock. Accounting Horizons, 31(3): 55-68, 2017.
    - American Accounting Association Accounting Horizons Best Paper Award ($2500)

Working Papers:

  1. “Disclosure Speed: Evidence from Nonpublic SEC Investigations" with Terrence Blackburne. 2019.

    - Presented at the 2018 UBCOW Conference, HEC Lausanne*, Montana State University*, Oregon State University*, the University of Kansas, the University of Melbourne*, and the University of Southern California*

  2. “The informativeness of CEO purchases for performance-related turnover” with Christopher Armstrong and Terrence Blackburne. 2019.

    - Presented at the 2019 UBCOW Conference, the 2019 Wharton Spring Accounting Conference*, Duke University, New York University*, University of Washington, University of Rochester*, University of Minnesota*, University of Virginia*, and the University of Michigan

  3. “Corporate Governance and Tax Planning: Evidence from Stock Ownership Plans” with Jaewoo Kim and Ryan Wilson. 2018.

    - Presented at the 2016 ATA Midyear Meeting*, 2016 AAA Annual Meeting*, Stanford University*, University of Washington, the Ohio State University, and University of Arkansas*

  4. “Equity Transactions and Type I and II Errors when Identifying Glamor Firms" with Robert Raney and Steven Savoy. 2018.

    - Presented at the University of Washington, 2016 Western Region Meeting*, 2015 UBCOW Conference, and the University of Colorado

* - Presentation by coauthor